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The Importance of Singing Lullabies


"We're not trying to raise super-babies; we're not trying to raise musicians. We're hoping most of all to enhance the quality of life for the child, for the parents, and for anyone with whom the child will interact."

-Dr. Lorna Zemke

Your Voice is Best

You might be wondering why you should put in extra time to learn how to sing a lullaby when there are so many other options. Online videos, recordings, and sound machines are much less time consuming and allow baby to fall asleep without you in the room. While these options are seemingly more efficient, research shows that babies prefer "infant-directed" singing over songs that are recorded without an infant present. Spending the time to sing to your baby also affords both of you the benefits listed below.  

Benefits for Baby

Singing lullabies to your baby...

  • enhances bonding and strengthens the relationship that the two of you share.

  • increases the likelihood that your baby will develop a secure style of attachment which will positively impact how he or she relates to others in the future. 

  • bolsters social-emotional development through laying a strong foundation for relationship building. 

  •  helps him or her adjust emotions during stressful situations. It calms them down! This also teaches baby the skills needed to self-regulate emotions. 

  • aids in brain development by providing an experience that builds pathways and strengthens connections in the brain. 

  • encourages musical development through early musical experiences that lay the foundation for future learning. 

Benefits for Parents

​Singing lullabies to your baby...


  • enhances the connection between you and your baby.​

  • allows you to communicate with your baby in a way that he or she is more apt to focus attention on. 

  • reduces stress and relaxes you.

  • provides a healthy outlet for your emotions. 

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