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How to Sing Lullabies 

Even if you aren't a "singer"


You can start learning and singing lullabies while your baby is still in utero to begin the bonding process before he or she is even born!

1. Choose a lullaby to learn. Find 19 folk lullaby options here.

2. Listen to the lullaby until you feel comfortable singing along with the recording. This is just like listening to your favorite song on repeat! If you listen to it enough, you'll start to memorize how it goes. 

3. Practice the lullaby without the recording. Singing without the recording will let you know if you have it memorized, and help to build your confidence in the song. 


4. Sing to your baby. Once you have the lullaby memorized you can start singing it to your baby. Feel free to add your own style, sing it slower or faster than the recording, or start on a different note than you hear in the recording. This is your chance to express yourself through song. There are no mistakes here! Your baby doesn't mind if you get the words mixed up or accidentally skip a part. 

5. Hum to your baby. After singing the lullaby to your baby several times you should hum the tune. 

6. Connect through movement while singing and humming to your baby. Rocking baby, patting baby's back, and/or gently bouncing baby can enhance the lullaby experience through the use of movement. This brings you and your baby closer through physical touch and adds a kinesthetic element to the musical experience. 

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